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Beware of Phishing and other ID Theft scams...

Phishing-pronounced fishing-is the latest form of identity theft. It's when thieves act as if they are representing us and try to "hook" you into providing personal information. Once you're "hooked," the thieves can do serious damage to your financial accounts. They can dupe you into providing your Social Security number, financial account numbers, PINs, passwords, mothers' maiden name and other personal information.
How does Phishing work?
By email...
The most common form of phishing is by email. For instance, you could receive a email from CWV TEL FCU, asking you to "reconfirm" your personal information. Unfortunately, this email is not from us, but from a phisher pretending to be a representative of our organization.
Typically, the email contains a link to a web site that looks like a near replica of our site. You click on the link and add your personal information, which goes right into the hands of identity thieves. It's very important that you do not respond to these emails.
By Phone...
Phishers also use the telephone to hunt for personal information. Some, posing as employees, call or send emails to people who have listed themselves on job search web sites.
While phishing scams can be sophisticated, the following features are often indicatiors that something is suspicious. Be aware if:
*Someone unexpectedly contacts you and asks for your personal information, such as your financial institution account number, an account password or PIN, credit card number, or Social Security number.
*The sender, who is supposedly a representative of our organization, asks you to confirm that you have a relationship with us. We have that information on record.
*You are warned that your account will be shut-down unless you "reconfirm" you financial information.
CWV TEL Federal Credit Union is doing everything we can to counter this type of criminal activity. Your account protection is our top priority.
If you receive an unsolicited email or telephone call that seems suspicious, and is allegedly from our organization, please do not reveal any information. In fact, please call us at 304-623-6800 or stop in our office to verify that the request is legitimate.
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