CWVTELFCU - Clarksburg, WV





Christmas Clubs

Save money all year long for the holidays. On all club accounts you can deposit money each pay day or send a check at any time. By depositing money and saving through a Christmas Club you can earn dividends and help prevent holiday debt.

We disburse our Christmas Clubs the 14th of October to allow you the time for all your holiday shopping. The money paid to you is the amount of your deposits plus dividends.

We will automatically deposit your Christmas funds on the 14th of October to your share account with the credit union.

We will allow one withdraw from your Christmas Club during the year for an emergency. Any subsequent withdrawal will close your club account.

Vacation Clubs

Use this account to save funds for that dream vacation. The funds can be withdrawn at any time. A dividend is paid on money saved in this account.

Special Club

Use this account as another way to save for home owners or vehicle insurance, taxes, or whatever you need. This account pays dividends on any money deposited.
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